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Classic Slate Shingle

Installation Videos

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  • Site Conditions, Tools & Approved Sealants - Coming Soon
  • Roof Deck and Dry-in - Coming Soon
  • Drip Edge & Rake Edge - Coming Soon
  • Opening & Handling of Bundles - Watch
  • Starter & Field Shingle Installation - Coming Soon
  • Valleys - Coming Soon
  • Hip & Ridge - Coming Soon
  • Roof Penetrations - Coming Soon
  • Pitch Transitions - Coming Soon
  • Headwall and Beauty Courses - Coming Soon
  • Repairs - Coming Soon
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HH SC Install

Technical Bulletins

  • 2019 Approved Adhesives and Sealants



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Standards & Codes Passed

Wind-Driven Rain
ASTM D3161 & D7158
Wind Resistance Class F & Class H
ASTM D3462 & D228
Fastener Pull-Through Resistance
ASTM D3462 & D228
ASTM E108 & UL790
Class A Fire See Report
UL-2218 & FM-4473
Class 4 Hail ResistanceSee Report
ASTM D1922 & D228
Tear Strength
ASTM G155 & D638
Accelerated Aging

Home Insurance Information for Class 4 Hail Discounts



  • All roofing and related activities should be completed with safety in mind.
  • All good and proven safety practices should be followed.
  • Fall protection equipment may be required and is always advisable.
  • Roofing activity can be dangerous. All necessary precautions and safety guidelines must be followed in accordance with proper roofing trade.

Warranty Information

All REVIA Synthetic Roofing Shingles come with the WeatherForce™ Advantage — 50 years of warranted coverage which includes 15 years of non-prorated material and labor coverage against manufacturing defects, along with installed performance coverage that includes 15 years of non-prorated material and labor coverage for 130-mph Wind Resistance and 5-Year Class IV Hail Impact Resistance for single-family detached homes. The WeatherForce Advantage Standard Product Limited Warranty also provides limited coverage for Algae Resistance and Color Fade Resistance. Read the full WeatherForce Advantage Standard Product Limited Warranty for specific warranty terms, limitations and coverage periods.