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Parker, CO
“As the Owner of Network Insurance Services, LLC I am very aware of the headaches that hail damage causes so many homeowners and property owners here in Colorado. Personally, I have had to replace the roof on my own house three times in the past 15 years! This last storm was my breaking point. I searched and searched for a better solution than the traditional asphalt shingle that looked good and was not going to break my bank and roof trusses like a hard tile roof would. What I found was F Wave REVIA® Synthetic Shingles. I could not be happier with the installation and look of my new roof and the best part? My roof is actually warrantied against hail by the manufacturer! I am confident that F Wave was my best option for a much better roof and have been recommending these shingles to everyone I talk to about hail damage.” - Nick Vuolo, Homeowner
Fairview, TX
“The color and look of F Wave's Castlewood Brown Hand-Split Shake shingles are perfect for our home! The green & sustainable design is a big plus for us too.” - Homeowner
Hilton Head Island, SC
"We are thrilled with our new F Wave roof. The hurricane and hail resistance sold us on the product, but there are so many other pluses. The installation went flawlessly - no granule mess with these shingles. And the roof looks great! We always get compliments, and have gladly given many references regarding both the F-WAVE® REVIA® product and our roofers. We are very pleased with our roofing choice and expect it to outlast us!" -Homeowner
Flower Mound, TX
"Our contractor introduced us to F Wave’s Designer Slate Shingle and we were sold on the hail protection, but we also really love the color and style." - Homeowner
Boulder, CO
"After the installation of our HOA's new roofs, we have experienced high-speed winds and hail with no damage whatsoever. We have seen photos of properties following the derecho storm that tore through the Midwest in August, the hailstorms in the Dakotas, and fires out of the Northwest. The F Wave roofs in those areas still look untouched. We are believers in F Wave and our Board is confident that we made the best choice for the next generation of owners." - Gold Run Condominium Association President, Bill Shaw