F-WAVE® Synthetic Shingles

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See what makes F-WAVE® REVIA® synthetic shingles the highest quality synthetic shingles on the market. Our impact-resistant shingles are intelligently built to withstand whatever nature throws your way. Watch below to see our wind, fire, and hail resistant shingles in action! With F-WAVE® shingles, you can rest assured knowing your home or multi-family property is protected.


REVIAlutionize your business with F Wave Synthetic Shingles

Colorado Hailstorm

Nitro Roofing and Construction

Hampton Estate Before and After Transformation

F Wave Featured on Roofle

Apex Restoration & Roofing Install

Roof Shingle Replacement in Flower Mound, Texas

Historic Home Install in Columbia, SC

First F Wave Install in Wisconsin

Out With the Old – First F Wave Install in Canada

In With the New – First F Wave Install in Canada

Interview with Homeowner in Canada by Akron Roofing

F Wave Harvest Blend Install by GreenPoint Roofing in Colorado

Homeowner’s Testimony by Premiere Roofing 

Harvest Blend Install by All Around Contracting

Hand-Split Shake: Castlewood Brown Install by Moose Roofing in Nebraska

Hand-Split Shake: Lakeshore Gray Install by Maven Roofing in North Carolina

316 Roofing and Construction & F Wave Synthetic Slate Shingles in Texas

First F Wave install in Hand-Split Shake: Lakeshore Gray by Hammons Roofing in Missouri

Hail During A Roof Replacement by Jake’s Roofing & Construction in Iowa

Hampton Estate install completed in Calgary, Alberta by Foothills Roofing

Asphalt shingle replacement with F Wave (Birchwood Blend) by Texas Vets Roofing in Dallas, TX

Hand-Split Shake: Lakeshore Gray Before & After (Keeney Home Services in Northeast Wisconsin)

Tired of getting insurance claims on your asphalt shingle roof? Roof Source shares the better alternative, F Wave.

Hampton Estate by Bisson Roofing and Exteriors LTD in Edmonton, Alberta

Cedar replacement with F Wave (Hampton Estate) by Optimum Construction (Holladay, Utah)

Birchwood Blend Install by KPost Roofing in Dallas, Texas

Dominick Fraser, owner of Fraser Roofing in Lilburn, Georgia Installed F Wave on His Own Home (Charcoal Blend)

Camrose, Alberta Install by Sican Exteriors in Hand-Split Shake: Lakeshore Gray

Hand-Split Shake: Castlewood Brown Install in Edmonton, Alberta

First F Wave Install in Palm Coast, Florida by AK Certified Roofing (Hampton Estate)

Fraser Roofing’s Hand-Split Shake: Castlewood Brown Install in Greenville, South Carolina

First F Wave Install in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

Decathlon Tiny Homes Explains Why FWAVE is Their Official Roofing Partner

Multifamily / Commercial

Springlake HOA’s Reroof by Heritage Roofing

2,000 squares of REVIA® Shingles Installed

REVIA® Birchwood Blend Before and After Transformation

Cobblestone Ridge Apartments in Colorado Springs

ReRoof by Johnson Roofing & Restoration LLC

Historical Church Roofing & Gutter Project by RoofTech Consulting & Construction (Lakeshore Gray)


Hail Test

Wind Test

Fire Test

Scratch Test

Shotgun Test by Maven Roofing

Flamethrower Test by Maven Roofing

90mph Fastball Vs. F Wave Shingles

Synthetic Roofing Shingle Fire Test

Shingles Bounce Back After Damage

Contractor Creativity

F Wave Shingle Jingle