REVIA Designer Slate Synthetic Shingles

Beauty. Brawn. Budget-Friendly.

Premium designer look.

REVIA durability.

Slate-look shingles in two classic profiles, both designed for long-lasting performance and stand-out curb-appeal.
Combining timeless style and premium aesthetics with REVIA performance, REVIA™ Designer Slate shingles provide the premium look you want at a price your wallet will appreciate. Our durable and lightweight shingles don’t suffer from the same granule loss and weather damage that designer asphalt shingles do, which means a strong ROI and years of great looking curb appeal.

The REVIA™ Designer Slate Difference

  • Ultra-dimensional look of real slate
  • Tough single-piece construction (No delaminated layers or adhesive failures)
  • Resistant to cracking and fading (with warranted coverage)
  • No granules. No asphalt.
  • Class 4 hail rated (with warranted coverage)
  • 130-mph wind rated
  • Class A fire rated
  • Solid ROI, includes potential insurance savings and increased home value

Customize your look

REVIA Designer Slate shingles are available in two distinctive profiles and seven popular colors.


  • Colonial Estate
  • Hampton Estate
  • Sonoma Estate
  • Woodland Estate
Home with F Wave Hampton Estate Synthetic Shingles
Flower Mound, Texas, Home with Designer Slate Sonoma Estate F Wave Shingles
F Wave REVIA Shingles Designer Slate Woodland Estate


F Wave REVIA Designer Slate Shingles Birchwood Blend
Birchwood Blend
Charcoal Blend
Harvest Blend

Standout curb appeal
without the weight and cost of real slate or tiles.

A REVIA Designer Slate roof provides elegance, quality and durability. You can count on getting a beautiful roof at a price you’ll love!


It’s not just a roof. It’s an investment.

Leave the stone age behind! With its ability to stand up to harsh weather and no granules to fall off, REVIA Designer Slate shingles don’t require the ongoing maintenance of traditional shingles. This saves you thousands in repairs and replacement costs over the lifetime of your home. 

Up to 60% of the curb appeal of your home is made up by the roof surface. REVIA shingles provide a perfect upgrade to the look of your home! 

REVIA shingles are ultra-dimensional and outperform high-end asphalt shingles with tough single-piece construction.

How many asphalt roofs have you replaced from hail or wind damage? Avoid this cost and hassle with our WeatherForce Advantage warranty coverage and you may also qualify for reduced home insurance premiums and lower deductibles.

Add it all up and REVIA Designer Slate shingles make traditional asphalt shingles look obsolete.

Guaranteed for 50 Years

24/7/365/50 Protection

When you make the industry’s best shingles, it’s easy to offer the industry’s best warranty. All REVIA™ shingles come with our 50-Year WeatherForce Advantage Warranty protecting you against wind damage, hail, algae and color fading.