Greenbrier Lane – Hampton Estate

  • Shingle InstalledHampton Estate
  • LocationMonument, CO
  • Existing Roof/AgeUnknown
  • ContractorBreashears Roofing - Monument, CO
Just because you live in Colorado, doesn’t mean that you have to leave your home defenseless against Colorado’s extreme weather conditions! This homeowner wanted to make a smart investment by buying a roof that would survive Colorado’s next notorious hail storm, so they gave Breashears Roofing a call and were presented with a solution to their hail problem: F-WAVE® REVIA® Synthetic Shingles. After being presented with F-WAVE®, the homeowners decided to take the Breashears team’s advice and the result is a stunning roof with the durability and maintenance-free ownership that comes with choosing a roofing product that is built to perform in the face of whatever nature throws your home’s way. An authentic tile look, Class 4 hail resistance, with a green & sustainable design – that’s the REVIA® Difference for this Colorado homeowner.
“FINALLY, someone made a product that can withstand extreme weather like high winds and large hail storms. F-Wave shingles are resilient and even on steep slopes they are very walkable. Plus, they install just like asphalt shingles, yet give the appearance of a high-end roofing product without the price tag. F-Wave is the future!” Sheena Pasko, Project Manager