Designer Roofing Shingles: Give Your Home an Upscale, High End Look

Designer Shingles
F Wave REVIA Shingles Installed on Home

While the most important feature of your roof is no doubt the protection it provides, it is not the only thing to consider. Aside from protection, you also want a roof that looks good. The right shingles can help tie the look of your home together and make it something beautiful.

Fortunately, you aren’t limited in the number of styles and colors of roofing shingles available on the market, so you’ve got endless options. For a more upscale look, you can go with designer roof shingles.

What are Designer Shingles?

F Wave Designer Shingles

Designer roof shingles, are also sometimes called architectural shingles, high-definition shingles, premium shingles, and even ultra-premium shingles. These shingles go beyond the average roofing shingle in the way they are made. Designer shingles are very similar to dimensional shingles in that they have a three-dimensional appearance that gives the shingles more depth.

What makes design shingles different, however, is that there are countless styles and colors to choose from. As a result, it isn’t difficult to find a roofing shingle that will help give your home a unique, more personal touch. From Victorian to modern, shaker-style to tile-style, the options for designer shingles are endless.

What Makes Them Different?

F Wave Synthetic Shingles Differentiates Your Home from Others

There are some great characteristics that make these shingles different from ordinary shingles. For one, they use only the highest quality materials: fiberglass, asphalt, and now, even synthetic polymers, which offer more durability.

Designer shingles are available in more ornate shapes and can mimic the look of more expensive shingle options like slate or terracotta tiles. Their durable construction also means they can withstand harsh conditions, like winds up to 130 mph, the impact from hail, and other weather conditions that could ruin an ordinary roof.

How to Choose Designer Roof Shingles

Choosing the right design for your home exterior is not easy. Choosing your designer roofing shingles requires careful thought since it can be a big investment. 

1. Consider Your Budget

The first thing you’ll want to think about when choosing your designer shingles is your budget. The fact that designer roofs use more high-quality materials means that, at times, they can cost more than the average roof. What you’ll pay for with a designer roof depends on several factors: the size of your roof, the material you want, the style, and even the color can affect what you’ll pay. Knowing your budget from the beginning will allow you to focus on what is actually within your budget.

2. Choose Your Material

F Wave Designer Roof Shingles Available in a Variety of Profiles

There are a few different materials used to produce designer shingles, and each one comes with advantages and disadvantages. One of the newer materials is synthetic shingles, like F‑WAVE® REVIA® Designer Slate Synthetic Shingles, which are made from a unique and highly durable polymer material. These shingles mimic the look of real designer slate tiles but are much more lightweight and affordable. 

3. Keep the Pitch of Your Roof in Mind

Designer shingles come with many unique design options. Depending on the design you choose, the size, cut, and thickness can all play a role in how much it stands out. The pitch of your roof can also affect the look. A steeper roof will let more of the roof shingles show, while a roof that is less pitched will be more subtle.

The more unique shingle designs are highlights of steeper roofs, where they can shine. FWave’s shingles, for example, come in two ultra-dimensional styles: the Estate Series and American Blends, and each of these styles can create quite an impact, depending on the slope of your roof.

4. Choose the Right Color

F Wave offers a variety of colors to choose from

An important feature that is nice about designer roofing shingles is the wide range of possible colors. Color, however, tends to be something more personal and subjective compared to the other roofing factors you will want to consider. 

The color you choose will depend a great deal on your taste and preferences, but also the rest of your home’s exterior. While you’ll want to choose a color you like, it should also complement your home’s siding, trim, and even landscaping. Designer REVIA® shingles come in a range of colors that will work for any style of home.

More Benefits of the REVIA® Line

REVIA F Wave Shingles are Hail, Fire, and Wind Resistant

In addition to the different styles and colors these ultra-dimensional shingles offer, there are even more benefits of the REVIA® line from FWave. These shingles are made from a tough, single-piece of synthetic material, so there is no need to worry about layers peeling away or becoming delaminated. They are incredibly resistant to cracking and fading and are UV-resistant, so they will not become weathered as quickly as other materials. Finally, they have a Class 4 Hail Rating, a Class A Fire Rating, and can withstand winds of up to 130 mph.

Choosing the Best Shingles for Your Roof

When you want to choose high-quality roofing that not only looks good but offers a high level of protection, designer roof shingles are the answer. There are so many different styles and colors to choose from, you will have no trouble finding the perfect style for your home. 

For an affordable, durable option, the F-WAVE® REVIA® Designer Slate series of shingles is the perfect solution. They are built to last, without ever losing their beauty or protective qualities. Best of all, they are low-maintenance, lightweight, and far more affordable than other designer roofing options. 

Contact FWave today to incorporate designer shingles in your home design.

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